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PJ Camera Repairs | Terms & conditions

Camera repair estimates:
We do not charge for estimates. A return postage charge of £12.00 will apply to all equipment for which the customer declines the estimate.
Owing to the time involved preparing a quote for insurance purposes we charge £18.00 for this service.

Parts allowance:
Our standard price is inclusive of any minor spares that may require fitting.

We make estimates in good faith and to the best of our ability with the information received. However, if we find unit requires substantial unforseen spares then we will inform you of a new estimate and not proceed until you authorize that estimate. You have the option to decline at that point and we will return the camera as it was delivered to us at our standard postage charge of £12.00.

All repairs are returned via Fed-Ex couriers unless otherwise requested.
Customers are responsible for the postage to pjcrdirect.co.uk in the case that there is a warranty repair.

Method of Payment:
Payment can be made by card, bank transfer or paypal.
All repairs must be paid for before unit is returned.

Starting from the invoice date, all our work is covered by a 12 month warranty.

We are not responsible for film, tape, digital media, or batteries and bulbs left in equipment.
We are not responsible for any expense, loss, or inconvenience as a result of a faulty repair, or delays in our repair service. However, if a repair is done improperly, it is covered under our warranty. Our warranty does not cover any damage inflicted on the equipment including, but not limited to impact, moisture and liquid, sand, high temperature, battery leakage, chemical corrosion, tampering, or any operation that would be abuse and/or contrary to the operating manual. We are the final arbiters of what constitutes abuse.

Privacy policy:
Where a customer is required to provide us with personal information such as email address and phone number, this information is used only to contact you about the repair service purchased for your equipment. It is never sold to any outside vendors or third parties for solicitation.
This site might contain links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites.

Goods in Trust for Repair:
In respect of goods held in trust for the purposes of repair and awaiting said repair, the basis of settlement will be:-
Cost of replacement camera with the same model, or if not in current production a similar model to the same specification less the known cost of the repair which was to have been undertaken, provided:
1. The equiment has been owned by the customer since new.
2.The cost of replacement less the known cost of repair does not exceed 50% of the new replacement cost.

Trade Accounts:
Where customers have an agreed trade account our settlement terms are that we require cleared funds within 21 days from the 1st of the month.

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